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Complete solutions from Talou with scaleable and reliable servers dedicated to your success.

Our professional technicians will configure your server to suit your specific needs.

This leaves your staff to concentrate on running the business, not on infrastructure concerns.
As your business grows, your server solution grows with you.

Our knowledgeable staff will install server upgrades and replacement parts to meet the demands of today's economy.

Backup servers protect your valuable business information from being lost due to data corruption, power failures or human error. Talou's backup server solution makes it simple for your organization to make safe backups of all its important business files. 

Using a backup server removes the hassles of traditional tape, CD or DVD backup solutions. Your server can be located on or off premises


Over the last several years Talou has installed, managed, and maintained several Unix based servers in the Small Business Sector.

This service has prompted us to  search for an easily installed, managed, and maintained Unix / Linux system server with end user manageable fully automatic configuring

Focus on running your business, not your computer systems

Small business is still big business.

Every company needs the ability to do e-mail, create, share and centrally manage documents and ensure that all their information is backed up and protected - but they don't want the hassle or expense of dealing with complex IT systems. IBM® Lotus® Foundations Start is a complete software appliance that provides the essential software a business needs to focus on running the business, not managing computer systems
After several years of looking, we have found the ultimate solution from BM Lotus Foundations. Talou Is an Approved Partner Gold Certified of Net BM Lotus Foundations.

If you require more information regarding BM Lotus Foundations,  please contact us or visit our web site http://lotus.talou.net to download brochures & view videos.

home l site map l computers l internet l networks l communications l links l security tools l about us l contact us

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