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Internet Services - Web Design

The web design team for Talou provides professional quality custom web sites to individuals, organizations and companies.

Each of our designs is created with your target audience in mind.

Visit taloudesign.com for more info.

Like a telephone, fax machine and voice mail, a professional quality web site is now an expected amenity to organizations of all types.
Your audience of potential customers is not limited by geography. Internet users around the world can see your web site.
Used in conjunction with conventional advertising, your web site allows you to stretch your advertising budget.

Web sites can be updated easily, which insures that your customers always have current information on your products and/or services.

We understand the importance of product and corporate branding issues and apply this understanding to the website design and development process.
The Internet is creating whole new ways for businesses to compete and Talou gives our clients leading edge development choices

  • Each web site is professionally designed to meet the needs of the individual client.

  • Custom graphics design 

  • Professional scanning of logos, graphics, and photos.

  • Web sites are designed to let you do more business on the web.

  • Web sites are updated to your specifications and needs (weekly, annually, or anywhere in-between).

  • Updates can be made to pictures and/or text.

  • Forms  

  • Domain name registration

  • Web Hosting 

Need a Makeover?
If you think your current website doesn't reflect your company and doesn't attract potential customers then you should consider a makeover.
First we evaluate your current website to see what are the 'bad' points.
Then we add more functionality to the site and make the 'bad' points 'good' points!

We will create a custom web site for you and your company. No matter what a designer may promise you, the proof is in their actual work.
We have an extensive list of clients we have had the pleasure of serving over the past several years.

Please contact us to view our portfolio.

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